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Instead of hanging out inside a church building, we go into the community, where people live, work, and play, living the love of Jesus Christ, out into their lives. This simple process looks like making new friends or being kind to strangers (friends we haven’t made yet)! The goals are to love others as Christ has loved us, live in community with them, and allow the Holy Spirit of God to introduce them to Christ through our actions. We then invite these new friends to join us at other gatherings and in missional work in their community. The places or settings we’ll live this love out take place in several different “spaces.”




This is where we offer monthly worship services for anyone and everyone. These services take place in various places and look somewhat like a “church” service. There is live music, biblical preaching, prayers, the Lord’s Supper and Christian fellowship. Typically anywhere from 40-150 people are in attendance. New friends are made and an invitation to know Christ is always offered.




These gatherings usually occur monthly and are held at various venues around the community. They may be outside at a local brewery or inside a wine bar, a community center or park, a local sporting event, someone’s backyard or at a ranch. Groups in size of 20-40 usually make up these gatherings. Again, new friends are made and invited to join us in other “spaces.”




Small home groups make up most of the personal space gatherings. Meeting around a table, living room, or on a back porch. These smaller groups engage one another more as personal friends over dinner, drinks, Bible or book studies, sporting events on TV, etc. Families with kids can be involved and friendships grow deeper. These gatherings are typically 8-15 people in size. As these home groups grow, they split into new groups so that the community grows and new, future disciples are always being added.




This is where pastoral care and spiritual guidance occurs with 2-4 people meeting together. Prayers, personal conversation, spiritual support, and encouragement make up these meetings. The Holy Spirit of God convicts hearts and decisions are made to follow Christ in these intimate spaces.


You can click here to see our calendar of events and to find groups and studies you might like to attend. No matter what “space” you step into, there will always be a spot for you and a warm welcome when you arrive!

Some of our
musical guests:

George Ensle

Western Sonrise Ministries

Clifton Jansky

Ron & Heather Thompson

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