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A New Era for the Tejas Cowboy Church

Updated: Apr 2

The exciting journey of faith has taken a giant leap forward as God continues to move, and we're thrilled to stride alongside Him! Tejas Cowboy Church has evolved into Tejas Missional Communities, marking a significant transformation that we're eager for you to be a part of. This change is not just about attending church; it's about being the church within the communities where we live, work, and play. Our new website has launched, and we invite you to explore it to see if this dynamic, community-focused expression of church resonates with you. Embrace this change and join us in something truly extraordinary!

Let us watch and listen to a past message and reflect upon the time that has passed since. And let us rejoice and move forward to spreading our gospel to the plains and the hills of Texas.

Embracing Our Journey: From Tejas Cowboy Church to Tejas Missional Communities

Hey there, friends. There’s something special happening within our community, a gentle yet profound shift that speaks to the heart of who we are and what we believe. The transformation from Tejas Cowboy Church to Tejas Missional Communities isn’t about changing our core values or beliefs. Instead, it’s about adapting the way we live out those beliefs in the world around us. It’s the same people, the same mission, and the same Word of God, just expressed in a biblically traditional and vibrant format.

Living Our Faith Every Day

Our journey of faith is about more than just the moments we spend together on Sundays. It’s about how we carry that faith into every aspect of our lives. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus and the principle of all believers, we’re reminded that our connection to God and His Word is personal and direct. This shift to missional communities encourages us to live out our faith with intention and conviction, wherever we are.

Deepening Our Connections

In the early church, community wasn’t just a concept; it was a way of life. They shared meals, prayers, and their daily lives, forming bonds that went deep. As we transition to missional communities, we’re embracing this same spirit of fellowship. It’s about nurturing relationships that support and strengthen our faith, creating spaces where everyone is welcome to grow and share in the journey.

Serving with Purpose

Helping others has always been key to what we believe, inspired by Jesus' example of kindness and support. That's not going to change. What we're doing is looking for better ways to help those around us. By getting involved in our communities, we can truly make an impact, sharing God’s love through what we do and how we connect with others.

A Continuous Journey of Faith

Change is a natural part of life and faith. It’s a sign of growth, of being responsive to the Spirit’s leading. This transition is just one step in our ongoing journey of faith, a step taken with careful thought and prayer. It reflects our commitment to remain true to the Gospel while exploring fresh ways to fulfill our mission.

Join Us on This Path

With our new website and the launch of our missional communities, we’re inviting you to explore what this means alongside us. This is an opportunity to deepen your faith, to connect with others in meaningful ways, and to serve with a purpose that resonates with the heart of God.

So, let’s move forward together, with calmness, ease, and a deep-seated conviction in our mission. We’re on this path together, exploring new ways to live out the Word of God, supported by the bonds of community and a shared commitment to service. It’s the same heart, the same spirit, just walking in new ways. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

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Damon Luther
Damon Luther

Nice! Get ready for the adventure!

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