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Tejas Missional Communities are founded on faith in God, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and a life led by the Holy Spirit. More specifically we believe:


*The Holy Bible is without error and is the inspired Word of God, given by the Holy Spirt and shared throughout the world so humankind might have a full understanding of God.


*There is only one true and omnipotent God who has always existed and Who forever shall exist. He manifests Himself in three persons at once, the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


*We believe God created the heavens, the earth and humankind, man and woman in His image and for His glory.


*We believe there is only one way to God, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, His one and only Son as described in John 14:6. Jesus came to earth as God, in the form of a man, lived a sinless life, died on a cross for all the sins of humankind, and rose from the grave after three days. Jesus showed Himself to others for 40 days then ascended into heaven where He lives today. One day soon He will return, fully defeat evil, and establish His kingdom forever.


*All people have sinned and fall short of God’s expectations, therefore every person is in need of forgiveness and salvation to enter the kingdom of heaven. 


*Heaven and hell are real places as described in the Bible and God’s desire is for all people to come unto Him through Christ and live with Him forever. Yet many will reject God, remain in sin and be eternally separated from God in hell after death on earth.


*We believe all life is created by God, beginning at inception, is precious to Him, and should be protected.


*We believe God created marriage and it is only to be represented by one man and one woman.


*God created two genders, male and female, which can not be changed by surgery, drugs, or one's mental state.


*We believe God loves ALL people and so do we, understanding that all sin yet all are worthy of forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ.


Tejas Missional Communities are centered on the Word of God and in the power of prayer. We are focused entirely upon Jesus Christ and His work, past, present, and future. The Holy Spirit is our guide and we accept His gifts, grace, and direction daily as we love and serve others, with God, in Christ, upon this earth. Our only task is to accept and live into Christ’s command to “Go, and make disciples of all nations.”

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