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Is this a church or what?


Yes and no! Tejas Missional Communities seeks to live into the original model and understanding of what the “church”, which is really individual believers in Jesus Christ, was supposed to be all along. Unfortunately, over time, “church” became known as a building or institution some folks decide to “go to” verses something they actually “are” as they live their daily lives. We are not “traditional church” but we do have Christian worship services that resemble "church" services. Our focus is more on everyday living and gathering with all types of people, in all sorts of places instead of trying to attract folks to come to our "church." 


Is this really a denominational church, masking itself as something else?


Definitely not! Some may say we are “non-denominational” and some might say we are “all-denominational” but actually, we’re not associated with any particular “church” or or denomination, managed by a hierarchy of bishops and elders. We are accountable to our organizational leadership and Council, those who are involved in our “communities” and always to Jesus Christ.


Do you have ordained ministers or pastors that lead these missional communities?


Yes! We have many that have been ordained as Ministers of Missional Communities. These ministers serve in a geographical area or in a particular “mission field”.  Some might serve in the business community, with the elderly in assisted living or homebound circumstances, with all ages of kids, in youth sports, and community mission work, in singles groups, leading adult Bible studies, with those in jail or recently released, leading community gatherings and worship services, championing local mission work with non-profits, serving individual community member’s needs, providing pastoral care in homes and hospitals, and much more!


What about the money? Do you folks give tithes and offerings and if so, where does the money go?


Yes, we encourage and accept tithes and offerings as we believe God blesses us to be a blessing to others. You can make gifts to God through Tejas Missional Communities using our website “giving” button, by mail to our P.O. Box, or in person at a gathering. The monies we receive help pay honorariums for musicians that play at our gatherings, rental fees required by various venues where we meet, for use in supporting persons in need, and gifts we share with local non-profit organizations. All gifts are tax-deductible as the law allows as we are a 501c3, tax-exempt, non-profit organization, operating in the eyes of the IRS as a “church.”


Does Tejas Missional Communities have land and a “church” building somewhere?


No. We are a people of God on the move around the community. Our “area of service” stretches from New Braunfels to Boerne, San Antonio to Blanco and all parts in between. We meet in community centers, outside venues, bars, restaurants, personal residences, city parks, and anywhere the Spirit of God leads us to gather. We go where people normally go, hang out with them, and love them in Jesus’ name. The Spirit of God does the rest!

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