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Formerly Tejas Cowboy Church in Bulverde, Texas, Tejas Missional Communities is a network of Christians that have been led to innovate away from the traditional model of church and live into Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:18-20 to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” So instead of “going to church” on Sunday mornings, at the same time and place, Tejas Missional Communities represent folks who are “being the church” out into the communities they live, work, and play in. Sure, we have worship services, but we also host community gatherings, small home group meetings and studies, and offer more intimate spiritual counsel and pastoral care to all of God’s people in and around our lives.


The basic premise is that when we go out into the community and invite friends and strangers to join our gatherings, we make new friends and are more able to live the love of Christ out into the lives of others without expecting them to come to church. We know that 60% of Americans never go to church, 40% attend a church service at least once a month, and 20% attend church weekly. Christ is calling us to reach the 60%, where they are and as they are, so that the Holy Spirit of God can do His work through us. We believe God is preparing the hearts of many who are ready to hear some good news, a positive message for today and tomorrow, and be offered a fresh alternative in their quest to grow a relationship with God. 


The early church was a faithful people of movement, seeking new relationships, strengthening older ones, and actually living love outwardly into every person they came in contact with. The only “membership” they had was into the family of God, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They met regularly in homes and small community gatherings, always inviting new people to join them. This is exactly what Tejas Missional Communities is all about. If you’re tired of the same old church model that requires regular attendees and strong offerings every Sunday to survive, while expecting “outsiders” to come to them, you may have just found a fresh, exciting, life giving expression of “church” to get involved with. We hope you’ll learn more and join in one of our gatherings!

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